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Upgrading your photocopier couldn't be easier with Pro Print Solutions

Is your current photocopier looking outdated, jamming or isn’t running how you want it to?
At Pro Print Solutions, our dedicated digital print team can help upgrade your photocopier even if you have your current lease contract has not finished.

On average we save over 85% of our customer money on their lease payments and also on their cost per copy charges on both colour and mono prints.

Upgrading to one of new or refurbished machines can provide you with a faster and smoother workflow.

Our customers experience exceptionally high levels of aftercare service throughout the North West.

Our fully qualified photocopier engineers have a large consignment stock in their vehicles and are currently running at over 92% first time fix rate with an impressive 4 hour response time.

Upgrade your copier today with Pro Print Solutions call 01772 789512

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Print Scan Copy Fax in Preston with Pro Print Solutions

Q) I am currntly looking to upgrade my photocopier but it is on a lease contract with another copier supplier, can you help?
A) Yes. The majority of photocopier upgrades include a settlement figure from your current copier lease agreement. We factor in any outstanding finance on your lease agreement and provide you a cheque to settle this off.

Q) What happens to my old photocopier when it is upgraded
A) If your photocopier is with Pro Print Solution you can either keep it or we will dispose of it FOC. However if we upgrade your photocopier then you old copier will be either collected by your current supplier or sent back to the lease company.

Q) Will I encouter a penalty charge for upgrading early
A) No, Pro Print Solutions will look after this on your behalf

Q) I am only 2 years into a lease argreement is it to early to upgrade
A) No, it is very feesible to upgrade after 18 months

Q) Who owns the machine once my lease agreement has expired
A) In most cases the lease company own

Q) Can Pro Print maintain my photocopier is it not on a lease contact with you?
A) Yes, Pro Print Solutions can take over your copier service contract

Q) Is it possible to downgrade my photocopier as we dont do the volumes we used to
A) Yes

Q) What is a TVRP contract and how do I get out of it
A) TVRP stands for total volume rental plan. It works the same as a lease so there is no difficulty settling this

Q) If I upgrade my photocopier with PPS would you be able to reduce my copy charges
A) Yes, we will always look to reduce your lease can copy charges

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